Dunham-Bush is proud to present the launching of our new Air Cooled Scroll Chillers on 22nd April 2015, the Zeus Series: Model ACDS available in 50 & 60Hz with R410A refrigerant. Some of the new features incorporated in the new Zeus Series:Model ACDS are:-

  • 15 Models with nominal cooling capacity from 10 to 180RT (35 to 633kW)
  • AHRI Certified for both 50 & 60 Hz series with R410A refrigerant.
  • High Efficiency Scroll Compressors for excellent performance, flexibility and reliability.
  • Compact Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) evaporator for improved capacity and system efficiency.
  • Advanced microprocessor based Vision 2020i Controller for larger model for excellent capacity control and stability.
  • Various lists of options & accessories for better flexibility to meet different requirements and specifications.