Dunham-Bush Malaysia (DBM) is proud to present the launching of our new High Efficiency Air Cooled Screw Chillers, the Achelous Series: AVX-A available in 50Hz with R134A refrigerant on 21st May 2015. Some of the new features incorporated in the new the Achelous Series: AVX-A are:-

  • 21 Models with nominal cooling capacity from 95 to 530RT (334 to 1864kW).
  • AHRI Certified and meets/exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 with R134A refrigerant.
  • High Efficiency Vertical screw compressors for superior efficiency and performance.
  • Slit Fin Condenser for compact footprint, improve performance and efficiency.
  • Competitive price as compared to the AFVX-B series with a reduction of 5% – 18%
  • Able to operate up to 125°F(52°C) ambient temperature, suitable for both standard and high ambient application.
  • Flexibility of single or modular construction unit design for 450RT and above.