Dunham-Bush has unveiled a new series of Center Station Air Handling Unit – ESCS3 series. With airflow capacity ranges from1200 to 36000 CFM (2038 to 61164 m3/h), this new series is designed to deliver optimum performance with a compact footprint. The ESCS3 series is also incorporated with other excellent features from various Dunham-Bush’s AHU series.

Some of the features of ESCS3 include: 

  • Superior Casing performance

The casing is rugged structural design and AHRI Certified.

  • Excellent Air Tightness

The casing is designed and constructed with rigid nylon corners, double skin polyurethane foam insulated panels, aluminum frame and sealing strip to provide excellent air tightness and minimize air leakage.

  • Thermal Bridge Free

Unique frame design enables inter-post covered by rigid PVC insulator to prevent exposing in treated air and eliminate thermal bridging.

  • Optimal Thermal Insulation

The unit wall is made with double skin sandwich panels injected with PU foam which provide good rigidity and excellent thermal insulation.

  • Compact Footprint and Space Saving

The unit is pre-designed with minimize footprint and maximize performance. This provides a space saving solution for wide range of applications.  

  • Easy Cleaning

Double skin sandwich panels construction design provides smooth surfaces which allow for easy and effective cleaning to reduce the dirt and bacteria accumulation.

  • Certified with multiple worldly renowned AHRI standard

The series is certified with multiple AHRI certifications which further enhanced the reputation and reliability of the unit performance.