Dunham-Bush is proud to present the launching of our new Digital Scroll VRF system, the DBV III –MTD Series (50 & 60Hz) with environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant on 20th July 2015. Some of the new features incorporated in the new DBV III – MTD series are:-

  • 29 Models combinations with nominal cooling capacity from 8 – 64HP.
  • 1 Digital Scroll + 1 Fixed compressor for model MTD 8 -12
  • 1 Digital Scroll + 2 Fixed compressor for model MTD 14 -16
  • Suitable for high ambient (T3) application. Able to operate up to 129.2⁰F (54⁰C).
  • Long piping connection with total pipe length of 1000 m.
  • Environmental Friendly R410A refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential.
  • Incorporating High Efficiency with advanced technology Digital Scroll compressors to provide excellent performance, flexibility and reliability.
  • Various indoor unit types for better flexibility in order to meet different requirements.