Dunham-Bush is proud to present the launching of a new generation of our chilled water fan coil unit – CR-CF. Available in wide range of capacities, the new CR-CF fan coil units are designed to operate at low noise and high efficiency performance.

Some of the features are:-

  • Wide Range of Air Flow

Nominal supply airflow ranges from 212 CFM to 1400 CFM (360 m 3 /h to 2380 m 3 /h)

  • Energy Saving

Selection of DC motors allows 40% less power consumption than the conventional fan coil unit

  • Variable Speed DC Motor

Optional variable speed DC motor adjust the airflow to smoothen the temperature transition and provides a very quiet and comfortable experience.

  • Enhanced Heat Exchanger

All coils are of seamless copper tubes, with corrugated hydrophilic coated fins for improved condensed draining and giving excellent heat transfer.

  • Made with High-Quality Materials

The structure is strengthened and beautifully designed with high quality galvanized steel sheet.

  • Ultra-Quiet Operation

The units are specially researched and designed to ensure the noise level is 1-3 dBA lower than conventional fan coil unit

  • Compact Size & Low Height

Unit height is restricted to 230 mm (back return air) and 260 mm (bottom return air)

  • Power Supply

Available in both 50Hz & 60Hz.