Dunham-Bush has launched a new high efficiency chiller series for
smaller capacity range application. The new ZEUS series air-cooled scroll
compressor – ACDSV-E, designed with inverter scroll compressors and
EC fans, is able to deliver low noise optimum performance and superior
part load efficiency.

Some of the features include: –

  • Wide Capacity Range

Nominal cooling capacity range from 11 to 100RT (37 to 352kW)

  • High Efficiency Scroll Compressor

Inverter/Hybrid inverter tandem scroll compressor system to
enhanced chiller efficiency running at part load

  • EC Condenser Fans

EC condenser fans to optimized part load performance and provide
better unit IPLV

  • Quiet Operation

EC condenser fans provide low noise operation especially during part

  • User-Friendly Controller

Easy to operate DB Director controller to provide superior capacity
control and stability

  • Excellent Efficiency

AHRI certified and meets/exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 standard

  • Suitable for Wide Range of Ambient

Able to operate from 105 0 F (41 0 C) to as low as -20 0 F (-29 0 C) ambient

  • Safety and Quality Assurance

Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) certified and fully complied to
North American safety standards