Dunham-Bush is introducing a new chiller series to meet the Asia region
requirement. The new HELIOS series air-cooled horizontal screw
compressor – ACHX-BVD, designed with inverter compressors and
variable speed fans, is able to deliver superior part load performance at
lower noise operation.

Some of the features include: –

  • Extensive Capacity Range

Nominal cooling capacity range from 112 to 462RT (392 to 1626kW)

  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant

Refrigerant R134a (Non-toxic, Not flammable and Zero ODP)

  • Highly Efficient Inverter Compressors

Semi-hermetic variable speed horizontal screw compressors with
superior part load performance

  • Variable Speed Condenser Fans

VFD condenser fans to optimized part load performance and provide
better unit IPLV

  • Lower Noise Operation

Inverter Compressors and variable speed fan allow the chiller to
operate at lower noise during part load operation

  • Enhanced Heat Exchanger

All Aluminum Micro-Channel (MCHX) condenser with TCP-Coating
for corrosion resistance. (Optional Fin and Tube Condenser)

  • Independent Circuits

Single/Twin Compressors with independent circuits for redundancy
and reliability

  • Intelligent Controller

Easy to operate DB Vision controller with electronic expansion valve
(EEV), to provide superior capacity control and stability

  • Outperform International Standard Efficiency

AHRI certified and meets/exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 standard