Dunham-Bush first introduced the microchannel heat exchanger into ACHX-B models. Since then, microchannel condenser is available in all newer generation of ACHX series. Microchannel is an all-aluminum coil made out of multiple flat tubes containing small channels (microchannel) metallurgically brazed with louvered fin. This compact all-aluminium construction not only minimizes galvanic corrosion but also reduce the units’ weight and refrigerant charge.

In area or applications where the coils are more prone to corrosive elements, Dunham-Bush’s microchannel coil can be coated with additional coil protection coatings such as Trivalent Chromium Process (TCP) Coating and E-coating to further prolong the microchannel coil lifespan.

Major Benefits of Microchannel Coil

Higher Efficiency (Lower Unit’s Energy Consumption)

  • Higher thermal performance than conventional coil

Lower Air Pressure Drop

  • Microchannel has thinner coil than conventional coil thus reduces air pressure losses and fan energy consumption

Weight Reduction

  • Smaller coil and all aluminum material reduce the coil weight by up to 50%
    Reduce Shipping cost and ease of transporting

Less Refrigerant Charge

  • Smaller internal volume enable up to 30% reduction in refrigerant charge

Superior Corrosion Resistance

  • No galvanic corrosion with 100% all-aluminum construction

Improved Durability and Easy Maintenance

  • Flat Tube serves as fin guard to help to protect the fins
  • Easier and faster cleaning with thinner coil

Environmentally Friendly

  • Less refrigerant leak to atmosphere with lesser refrigerant charge
  • All-aluminum construction improves recyclability