Dunham-Bush has launched a new and improved Fan Coil Units, the CR Series for 50/60Hz. The CR Series Fan coil units are designed to be high performance, low noise, large air volume capacity and flexible water connections.

Some of the product features are as per below:

  • Wide Range of Air Flow

Nominal air flow ranges from 100 to 1940 CFM (176-3300m3/h)

  • Meticulously made with high quality material

The units are made using high quality galvanized steel sheets and precisely processed by machine tools to have aesthetic outlook.

  • Ultra-Quiet Operation

Specially research and designed to ensure unit operating noise is 1-3dB(A) lower than conventional FCU.

  • High Performance coil

All coils are of seamless copper tubes with corrugated hydrophilic coated fin for improved condensation draining and giving excellent heat transfer

  • High Energy Efficiency Motor

High energy efficiency 3speeds and variable speed DC motor option available. DC motor consume 40% less energy compares to conventional AC motor.

  • Wide ESP application

External static pressure application ranges from 0.05in.wg to 0.28 in.wg (12 -70Pa)

  • Space Saving and Easy Installation

All units are designed to be compact for space saving and easy installation