World-renowned air-conditioning manufacturer, Dunham-Bush has further enhanced their Inverter Air-Cooled Screw Chillers AVX-B Series with condenser fan options of all VFD Fans and all EC Fans. With the selection of these variable speed fans, the chiller part load efficiency can increase by leaps and bounds with EER able to reach up to 21.8.

Benefits of selecting all VFD Fans:

  • Increase of Part Load Efficiency.
  • Quieter Operation during Part Load

Benefits of selecting all EC Fans:

  • Superior Part Load Efficiency
  • Very Quiet Operation
  • Integrated Controller
  • Less Power Consumption


ACHELOUS AVX-B Inverter Air-Cooled Screw chiller is one of Dunham-Bush flagship products using the patented high-efficiency vertical screw compressor. The cooling capacity of the series range from 115TR to 470TR [406kW to 1656kW]. The entire product line features high energy efficiency, installation ease, control flexibility, high reliability and advanced Vision 2020i controller. The AVX-B series are certified to AHRI Standard 550/590 and exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 requirements.