Working together for a better DB

As we close the books on one year and begin another, I would like to take a moment to reflect on our progress in 2015 and talk about the year that lies ahead.

2015 was a year of great challenge for our company. China faced an economic slowdown, which was the largest ever since 2001. Malaysia and South Africa suffered from sharp currency exchange rate fluctuations. But still we managed to achieve the profit target set in the guarantee agreement. We established new DB USA company. We will start a new factory in Florida. We became important part of Moon listed company, which is traded in the stock market. We made good progress on Centrifugal products. We made more centrifugal chillers, which were shipped to more countries. There is no doubt that 2016 will bring even more challenges. The current economic situation will not change overnight, but we will have more targets to fulfill, especially a higher profit target.

Next year we will start construction of our new US plant and expand our manufacturing footprint globally. We have found a good piece of land in Florida and our shareholder has approved to buy it freehold. It will let us provide better service in USA and the whole Americas. DB will have factories or subsidiary companies in all the main continents (except for Antarctica and Oceania). Our global presence will be more reasonable and cover more areas. We will develop more new products. The high efficiency 2500T double stage centrifugal chiller has been tested successfully. New products like labyrinth seal AHU, low ambient temperature air source heat pump, DB i-vision are under R&D and will be introduced to the market soon. We will provide systematic solutions on cooling and heating applications with energy saving, low-carbon, clean and environment friendly products.

We will have more communications among the different subsidiaries within the group. Efficiently, use and allocate many resources. DB UK will assemble semi-hermetic screw compressors and chillers in the UK. The new USA factory will need support from all the subsidiaries. We will promote OEM centrifugal chiller sales in India, promote sales team cooperation among different regions and different subsidiaries on international projects.

New year, new plant, new targets and new hope. All of that is possible but none of it will come easy. We need to find the right path to success. It is no accident that DB has progressed over the past 120 years. It is the courage, determination, innovation and team work of generations of DB people that beat challenges and emerge even stronger than before. That is the DB spirit.

It is the DB spirit that made our road of innovation never-ending. We are the first company in the world to introduce screw technology to air conditioning applications; we developed the 6th generation of hermetic screw chillers, introduced centrifugal chillers into the market for the first time in Dunham-Bush’s history, more and more new products such as magnetic centrifugal chillers, double stage centrifugal chillers, VFD screw chillers, semi-hermetic compressors…added to our product family. It is the DB spirit that taught us to treat talents as the most valuable treasure of the company, to maintain a good working environment and company culture to attract professionals with high qualifications and international background. It is the DB spirit that grew the small Dunham and Bush Companies in the US to today’s multinational DB group.

Now, as we are heading to another new year, I would like to ask you, what is your place in DB’s history? What will your place be in DB history? How will our followers comment on our performance?

I hope we are the generation of great achievements in DB history. We make DB a better company and let more products shine in every corner of the world with the name we are proud of: Dunham-Bush.

The road to success may be hard but it will lead to a better place. No matter where you are – China, America, Malaysia,Africa, UK… no matter what you do – engineer, worker, secretary, janitor… as long as we choose hope over fear, unity of purpose over department conflicts, with common effort, shared responsibility, and bold, persistent innovation, I believe we can achieve success together.

Finally, I wish all of you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.