Dunham Bush Launches New PROmetheus Series: Model DCLC-M High Efficiency Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller – PROmetheus Series

Dunham-Bush Malaysia (DBM) is proud to launch our new High Efficiency Magnetic Bearing Chillers, the PROmetheus Series: Model DCLC-M available in 50Hz & 60Hz with R134A refrigerant. Some of the new features incorporated in the new PROmetheus Series: Model DCLC-M are:-

Ø  18 Models with nominal cooling capacity from 90 to 680RT (316 to 2391kW).

Ø  AHRI Certified and meets/exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 with R134A Refrigerant.

Ø  High Efficiency Magnetic Bearing compressors for superior efficiency and performance.

Ø  VFD for superior Part Load Performances (IPLV) with Energy Saving up to 35%

Ø  Oil Free for smooth operation and reduce maintenance & operation cost.

Ø  Low Noise with Compact Footprint for ease of installation and maintenance.

New PROmetheus Series: Model DCLC-MFeatures